Teens Charged in Death of Danny Davis’ Grandson

Two teens were charged Sunday in the shooting death of U.S. Rep. Danny Davis’ grandson, WLS reports.

15-year-old Javon Wilson was shot in his Chicago home Friday evening when two teenagers came in and started an argument over gym shoes, officials say. Tarik Harris, 16, and Di’ Jae Banks, 17, were charged as adults with first-degree murder and home invasion.

Cook County Judge James Brown denied bail for the teens, calling them a “grave danger to the community” and denounced their “clear and total callous disregard for the sanctity and precious nature of human life.”

Banks, who is a high school senior, turned himself in to Chicago police on Saturday. Her mother, Demika Banks, offered condolences to Wilson’s family. She said her daughter is devastated.

“She said herself, ‘I didn’t do nothing. These are my friends. I’m here because you guys are looking for me,'” Demika Banks said Sunday.

According to prosecutors, the teens were friends with the victim’s brother. One of the teen’s loaned the victim’s brother a pair of pants in exchange for shoes and didn’t want to return the shoes until he got the pants back. The teens entered the home and a fight ensued. The result? Wilson getting shot in the neck, prosecutors said.

“His life is gone but I tell you I just hope that we can learn from this kind of tragedy, how to prevent [it] from reoccurring and that’s what I’m going to devote my time to and my life to and I’m sure my son will do the same thing and we will just keep moving and do the best we can,” Davis, who represents the Illinois 7th Congressional district said.

A small crowd gathered outside of Davis’ West Side office Saturday to offer support and prayers.

“We want to send a message first of all to the congressman [to] let him know we love you and our hearts go out. Violence can strike anywhere,” supporter Kevin Copeland said.