Damon Dash Speaks Out on Child Support Issues

Damon Dash is breaking his silence about legal battles regarding his children.

In an exclusive interview with BOSSIP, the former Roc-A-Fella Records head claimed he is being railroaded by the legal system and financially exploited by his children’s mothers.

Dash, 44, is now wanted for failing to pay child support after not showing up to two scheduled court hearings. “I’m gonna fight for all good fathers,” Dash told the outlet. “This is for all good fathers. I’ll be that sacrificial lamb and bring awareness to my plight so other fathers don’t. I’m not gonna sit here and be a victim. I’m a good man, and they’re always gonna try to make a good man look bad. Didn’t they try to make Jesus look bad?”

Dash is now facing two New York arrest warrants. One is for more than $50,000 in back child support. The other warrant is for more than $340,000 to ex-wife Rachel Roy for child support, school and camp fees and for debts for their two Manhattan homes that were foreclosed.

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