CPD Supt. Moves to Fire Cop After Shooting

Chicago police Superintendent Garry McCarthy has moved to fire Detective Dante Servin for fatally wounding a 22-year-old woman while off duty in 2012.

A department spokeswoman confirmed the news Monday night, Chicago Tribune reports.

McCarthy’s decision comes two months after a recommendation from the Independent Police Review Authority to do so.

The Authority, which probes the most serious allegations of misconduct against Chicago police officers, recommended that Servin be fired for shooting and killing Rekia Boyd in an alleyway behind his home.

Servin was acquitted in Cook County criminal court on involuntary manslaughter charges in her death.

During a telephone conversation with the Tribune, Servin maintained that he shot Boyd in self defense and that his life was in danger. He said he intended to shoot a man he thought had a gun, but shot Boyd instead. Servin also said that McCarthy’s decision was an injustice and a “political witch hunt.”

McCarthy’s motion to fire Servin comes on the heels of Cook County prosecutors charging Chicago police Officer Jason Van Dyke with first-degree murder in the death of 17-year-old LaQuan McDonald. He shot the teen 16 times at close range last year.

Servin will now face administrative charges from McCarthy. The case will be heard before the Chicago Police Board, which will make the final decision.