Court Orders Mandela’s Grandson to Return Mandela’s Children’s Bodies

By//Najja Parker

One of the many feuds between members of Nelson Mandela’s family was settled in court Wednesday.

The court ordered Mandla Mandela, Mandela’s grandson, to return the bodies of three of Mandela’s children back to the original gravesite by Wednesday afternoon.

Back in 2011, Mandla Mandela moved the bodies from Mandela’s hometown of Qunu to Mandela’s birthplace of Mvezo, which is 15 miles away.

Mandla Mandela argued that since he was the family’s eldest male he was entitled to make that decision. On the other hand, the 16 family members that pitted against him claimed he did not inform them of the move.

This may be the beginning of more court appearances for Mandla Mandela, because a Mandela family member pressed criminal charges against him Tuesday for tampering with a grave.

Mandela, the former South African President, remains in the hospital in critical condition.