What Year Is This? Grown Black Reporter Called “Boy”

As much as some folk try to disguise their internal feelings in relation to race and superiority, the truth presents itself when least expected.

Such was seemingly the case when Tracy Pyles, an Augusta County Supervisor referred to a 43-year-old Black reporter as “boy” during a public meeting.

The disagreement began over an article written by Calvin Trice, the reporter to which Pyles lobbed the following racially charged assessment: “you got it wrong, boy – uh, son”.

Trice stated he was offended and that the words made the heated argument “uncomfortably personal.”

Pyles has since apologized. But wait, he also had this to say:

“I understand how people take that, and it’s because how I talk naturally, you know to everybody or anybody who would be of about that age, and I followed it up with, as soon as it came out of my mouth, I immediately went to son,” he told

Maaan, what year is this? How about we just stick to first and/or last names and avoid any intentional or unintentional racial slurs?

As for Trice’s response to the apology? Acceptance granted.  We commend him for being the bigger man, and definitely not a boy.