Cosby Case Proceeds As Planned After Ruling

The criminal sexual-assault charges against Bill Cosby filed by Andrea Constand will stand and proceed to trial, USA Today reports.

Montgomery County, Pa. Judge Steven O’Neill was tasked with ruling on whether or not a deceased lawyer who represented Cosby ten years ago agreed to a deal that would grant the star an “unwritten promise of immunity.”

Wednesday’s testimony focused on the heavily debated 2005 “no prosecution” deal that lawyers representing Cosby says shields him from being prosecuted now.

Prosecutors argued that the comedian does not have a valid immunity deal. They also argued that former Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce Castor, who testified he approved the deal 11 years ago, has no credibility.

Lawyers representing Cosby argued that prosecutors can and do make no-prosecution deals all the time with defendants. They also argued that those deals are binding on future prosecutors.

“This prosecution should be stopped in its tracks,” said Cosby lawyer Christopher Taybeck. “When a prosecutor gives his word, that’s something that is enforceable.”

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