Cory Booker: Drug War Hurts Policing

Is the war on drugs hurting the police?

Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) thinks so. The former mayor of Newark, NJ — a city heavily impacted by the war on drugs — went on HuffPost Live Tuesday and talked about how law enforcement is negatively affected by an over emphasis on fighting drugs. According to Booker, man hours and money are spent targeting users and nonviolent drug offenders, instead of fighting fraud and other crimes.

Said Booker:

“You shouldn’t be letting this bureaucracy grow so big,” Booker said. “It’s chewing up taxpayer dollars, squeezing out money. Would you rather have a nonviolent drug offender with a bunch of marijuana cost us a million dollars for a high mandatory minimum … or would you rather be able to hire two more investigators to investigate insurance fraud? To investigate other white collar crimes that are costing society? Or to protect us against terrorism?”

He continued, “We’re spending money in the wrong place as a society if we really want to stop the kind of crime that threatens and undermines our economy and our safety.”

To hear more of what Booker had to say, watch the video below.