Cory Booker Among Clinton’s VP Finalists

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is set to announce her vice presidential running mate later this week and among her group of finalists are Sen Timothy M. Kaine and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

According to a Democrat insider familiar with the selection process, New Jersey Sen. Cory Booker is also said to be a serious prospect for the Clinton ticket, the Washington Post reports.

Although Booker has drawn relatively minimal attention in the media throughout Clinton’s vice presidential selection process, insiders say he remains a top contender. The freshman senator and former mayor of Newark was among the roughly half-dozen potential running mates who met with Clinton at her home in Washington on Friday.

The 47-year-old was recruited to partake in a news conference facilitated by the Clinton campaign as a chance “to denounce the divisive rhetoric surrounding Donald Trump’s Republican convention.”

The insider denied speculation that Booker remains in contention because he is Black.

Booker’s existence in this final stage adds even more diversity to the lineup, which already includes two Hispanics-Americans, Labor Secretary Thomas Perez and Housing Secretary Julian Castro, and one woman, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts.

He acknowledges that there are “a lot of qualified people who could fill the role.” He says, “I’m happy to do whatever the coach asks me to do.”

During Thursday’s news conference, Booker promised that next week’s Democratic convention would have a different flare than the Republican convention.

“When you see our campaign next week, you’re going to see the spirit,” he proclaimed.

Despite the hatred being aired against Clinton in Cleveland, Booker says she’s a devout person who expresses faith in her care for others.

He referred to the GOP as a “counter-factual party.” He added, “It’s as if truth means nothing.”