Cops Quit After Town Elects Black Mayor

The small town of Parma, Missouri made history when citizens voted in their first Black female mayor.

Tyrus Byrd was sworn in last Tuesday at the Parma Community Building. Not soon after, five of the town’s six police officers resigned because of Byrd’s appointment.

Mayor Randall Ramsey said the city’s attorney, clerk and waste water treatment plant supervisor also resigned due to “safety concerns.”

Mayor Elect, Tyrus Byrd said she was unaware of the resignations and planned to inquire about the “safety concerns.” Mayor Randall, who served the city of Parma for 37 years during two different terms, lost the election by 37 votes.

Byrd, who was born and raised in Parma, served as city clerk. She said her first order of business will be to help clean up the city.

If you ever think that we live in a post-racial society, please refer to this story immediately.

What a shame.