Cops Erase Footage of Fatal Shooting

According to a story posted on NBC Chicago, Chicago police involved in the fatal shooting of 17-year-old Laquan McDonald deleted 86 minutes of video capturing the incident.

McDonald was shot sixteen times by police on the night of October 20, 2014. He was gunned down near a Burger King on the city’s southwest side after police received a call about a suspicious man with a knife, according to authorities.

Few details are known about the events that occurred that evening. Police claim the teen posed a serious threat to their lives, so they had no choice but to use lethal force.

“One witness, this witness told us this was an execution. That’s his word,” said attorney Jeff Neslund, who along with Michael Robbins, represents McDonald’s family.

A medical examiner’s report revealed that nine of the sixteen shots hit McDonald in the back.

After the shooting, Burger King’s District Manager Jay Darshane said four or five police officers entered the restaurant and asked to view the video and were given the password to the equipment. They left three hours later.

The following day, an investigator from the Independent Police Review Authority asked to view the security footage and discovered that the 86 minutes of video was missing.

In a statement sent to NBC Chicago, a spokesman for the IPRA said: “We have no credible evidence at this time that would cause us to believe CPD purged or erased any surveillance video.”

The FBI, the U.S. Attorney and the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office are all investigating the McDonald shooting.

Black lives matter.