Colin Powell: Don’t Like Voter ID? Vote It Out

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell had some advice for frustrated black voters facing politicians who push voter suppression laws — vote them out.

Said Powell during an interview on ABC’s “This Week”:

“What I say to my friends in the African-American community, is whatever those states do, you meet the standards and then you make sure you register. You make sure you vote. You make sure you vote for the people who tried to put these barriers, these hurdles in your way and then you vote them out.”

Here’s video of Powell’s comments.











While Powell has a point, voting out your voter suppressing politico can be difficult if you live in a state with unfairly gerrymandered districts. This is common throughout the country, where demographically aligned voters are squeezed into nonsensical districts to dilute (or enhance) their power depending on which political party is in power when it’s time to draw districts.

You can’t vote out a representative if he or she is not YOUR representative.

Still, it’s a nice thought. Even if you’re gerrymandered, you should get out and vote.