Coca-Cola’s Newest Soda? Sugar Free-But Does It Double As A Laxative?

Is there a such thing as healthy soda? Coca-Cola seems to be moving in that direction with their latest beverage which, at the moment, is only offered in Japan. Coca-Cola Plus is free of sugar and calories and has 5 grams of dietary fiber.

It’s being called the beverage company’s “healthiest soda yet” and was made available in Japan back in February. Due to Coca-Cola Plus’ ingredients including fiber, many believe it’s also a laxative especially since the company says they want to offer more “functional beverages.”

Coca-Cola’s CEO James Quincy told Business Insider Coca-Cola Plus is  “fast-growing segment where ingredients are added to beverages to address specific dietary needs.” Don’t think just because this soda has nutrients, it’s a substitute for your dietary needs of fruits and vegetables.

Coca-Cola Plus’ press release says, “drinking one Coca-Cola Plus per day with food will help suppress fat absorption and help moderate the levels of triglycerides in the blood after eating.”

We’ll see how that goes.

There are currently no plans for Coca-Cola Plus to hit shelves in the U.S., but Coca-Cola does have plans for a Canada Dry Plus. Healthy ginger ale, anyone?