CNN Reporter Apologizes To Sorority

After referring to members of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. as gang members on air, CNN reporter Erin Burnett publicly apologized.

Burnett made the inaccurate comments during a recent segment on the happenings in Baltimore.

She later apologized on her show, Erin Burnett Outfront, explaining that it was not her intention to imply that the sorority was a gang.

“We talked with Baltimore Reverend Jamal Bryant about a community town hall he was hosting on Tuesday. He stressed the importance of gang members attending. Immediately after that interview, we showed a live picture of the town hall. I noted the reverend said gang members were attending, along with other members of the community, members of the sorority Zeta Phi Beta were shown in that live picture. We’re sorry if anyone got the impression we were calling that sorority gang members; that wasn’t our intention. Zeta Phi Beta, by the way, is a 95-year old organization which right now is distributing supplies to seniors in Baltimore, cleaning up the city, and getting ready to host a meeting on youth and law enforcement.”

Do you think Burnett’s apology was sincere? Watch the video below: