Black Boy Paired with Monkey Shirt

A number of people have been side eyeing a children’s clothing company for a controversial display that paired a T-shirt featuring a monkey’s body with a cardboard cutout of a Black boy’s face, reported the NY Daily News.

Someone snapped a picture of the combination and posted it on Twitter. Now, the fashion company, Just Add a Kid, is saying the incident is “a total misunderstanding.”

“The head shots on our hangers are intended to reflect the different cultures of our happy customers, and are distributed separately to our shirts,” the business said in a statement uploaded on its Facebook page. “In this particular case, one of our retailers paired a particular hanger with a shirt without consideration for how it may appear to many consumers.We are taking steps to prevent this from happening again.”

This particular T-shirt design actually features several cartoon character bodies. Some include  specific occupations, like cowboys and princesses, while others have different animals on them. The company uses cutouts of kids from various background to “showcase children of the world.”

Seems like someone was trying to be funny. Fail!