[Clip Tease] ‘Doped: The Dirty Side of Sports’

The sports profession is one that requires endurance and strength. Though natural talent gains recognition and broadens opportunity, the pressure to keep up health, skill quality and outstanding performances can become a battle in and of itself.

Unfortunately, it can result in some of the world’s top athletes seeking outside sources to maintain their sport momentum. We’ve seen the path of “doping” taken by track star Marion Jones and Olympic swim champion, Michael Phelps. Fortunately, the two have been able to bounce back from the scandals. But various cases of “doping” have caused further exploration into anti-doping policies in professional sports and the effects they have on athletes – good and bad.

In an one-hour original documentary, Doped: The Dirty Side of Sports, executive produced Bobby Valentine along with producer and director Andrew J. Muscato, takes critical look at the history of anti-doping policies.

“The policies used in sports for the war on performance enhancing drugs overreach and underperform,” Muscasto stated in a press release. “Amazingly clean athletes are not only being harmed by these rules, but they have no say in how to improve what’s clearly a broken system. In order for a global gold standard to truly work, athletes should be a bigger part of the process and that is how we can get to a better and more amicable solution for all. This is a big issue we discuss in the film.”

Narrated by Nick Kroll, the EPIX doc, will feature intimate first-hand conversations with athletes who claim their careers have been unfairly impacted by ineffective drug testing. Included in the feature is 2015 World Championship bronze medalist and 2016 United States Olympic sprint sensation Tori Bowie, who discusses what her success means to her Mississippi hometown.

Get a peak into her story in the exclusive clip below.

Doped: The Dirty Side of Sports premieres Wednesday, September 30 at 8pm ET/7 CST on EPIX.