Clip: Stephen A. Smith Addresses Kevin Durant

ESPN commentator Stephen A. Smith has responded to charges made by Kevin Durant.

Last week, Smith reported on First Take that the Los Angeles Lakers are a team Durant will consider when he hits free agency next summer.

Durant denied the statements saying that he doesn’t “talk to Stephen A. Smith at all. Nobody in my family…so he’s lying.”

“I sit here today, incredibly offended by this personal attack this man has put against me,” Smith said during a segment of First Take. “Even in the midst of that, let me tell you Skip Bayless, Kevin Durant is a good dude. His family is wonderful, he’s wonderful. There’s nothing negative I have to say about this person as a human being. I am addressing what he said about me.”

Smith also gave what could be interpreted as a warning during the segment. “You don’t want to make an enemy out of me.”

Whoa der. Check out Smith’s response below.