Clinton Leading Trump In Recent Polls

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continues to lead Republican nominee Donald Trump in new polls taken after both conventions, TIME reports.

According to an ABC NEWS/ Washington Post poll, 50% of registered voters would support Hillary in November and 42% would vote for Trump. These results also lie parallel with other polls conducted post-conventions.

The poll concluded that Trump’s public feud with Khizr and Ghazala Khan, an Army captain killed in Iraq, after their appearance at the Democratic National Convention have dramatically turned off voters of both party persuasions. 73% say they disagreed with the way the billionaire conducted himself with the family, including 59% of Republicans.

Clinton’s lead is stronger amongst college educated white women than men with 57-38 results, 23 points ahead of her rival. However, Trump holds court with non-college educated white men at 67-26, a 41 point margin. The results determined that voters overall agree more with Clinton’s policies than Trumps. But 66% of those voters also think she’s passive and too willing to bend the rules.

This latest poll also shows Clinton ahead with key presidential attributes, understanding global affairs, temperament, and making the country more safe and secure.

The poll was a survey of 1,002 adults and consisted a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.