Guess Why #ClarenceThomas is Trending Again

48-year-old Timothy Foster, a Black death row inmate convicted in 1987 of murdering an elderly white woman, is a free man thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling in his favor on Monday.

The court found that prosecutors unlawfully excluded Black potential jurors in selecting an all-white jury, and handed Foster the victory in a 7-1 ruling.

Seven justices asserted prosecutorial misconduct after Foster’s conviction and subsequent sentencing to death in the 1986 murder of Queen White.

While the justices threw out Foster’s conviction after decades living on death row, he could still potentially face a retrial.

During Foster’s trial, prosecutors removed all four Black members of the pool during jury selection. They gave reasons unrelated to race for their decision to exclude them, Reuters reports.

Now that we have the back story, does anyone care to guess who the opposing justice was? Mr. Clarence Thomas himself.

Of course, Black Twitter took to its respective position and went in on Thomas for his decision to issue a dissent regarding Foster’s case.

Instead of being a hand in the quest for justice, it appears that Mr. Thomas would rather intervene when it comes to Black people.