All The Problems With This Racist Ad

Before even listening to the audio accompanied by this YouTube video, my fingers went straight to right click on the “play” button and what my eyes saw brought feelings of disgust followed by a swift note to my co-workers with the subject header, “Oh, H-E-Double-L Nah.”

The racist foolery in the below Chinese laundry detergent ad will leave you with many questions. For one, what Black man in his right mind would sign on to act in such ignorance and bigotry?

The ad shows a Black man splattered with paint. As he approaches a Chinese girl with confidence, she leans back, pops detergent in his mouth and then shoves him in the washing machine for the rinse cycle only for a Chinese man to hop out “so fresh and so clean.”

Mind you, according to, the advertisement ran on television and as a movie preview at Wanda Cinemas.


Watch below.

Alright, I’ll give you a second to pick your jaw up from the floor.

Of all the wrongs in this mess, I just keep thinking: Bruh…you so played yourself.

You allowed a brand to use you as a symbol of dirt? Black people have been viewed as “dirt” by other races simply because of our melanin and you, I assume voluntarily for a check, went along with the idea of allowing your colored skin to be reduced to uncleanliness? Dude, what’s really good?

And apparently, the racism didn’t begin with the Black guy. The Chinese ad actually stripped the concept from an Italian ad which is equally offensive. Though the message in the original is that “Colour is better,” watch the music switch up when the Black man pops up from the machine.

Who pitched and approved these?

In the words of Birdman, folks WILL LEARN to put some “respeck” on our existence. This is ridiculous.