Chicago’s Urban Prep Sends Every Grad to College

For the fourth year in a row, Chicago’s Urban Prep Academy is sending all of its graduating class to college (from their Englewood and University Village campuses). That’s right, every single student in the school’s class of 2013 is headed to a four-year university.

Urban Prep is an all male charter school excelling amidst a city with some of worst Black on Black crime stats in America. The school’s 167 seniors have a lot to be proud of.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel spoke about the accomplishment saying, “What this 100 percent proves beyond a doubt is that it need not be the exception but it should be the expectation for every child in the city of Chicago.”

Urban Prep is country’s first all-male charter high school and it was started in 2002 with the goal of catering to inner-city boys in need of good education and positive influences. Approximately 85% of Urban Prep students are low-income and nearly all are African-American.

This is proof that a life of crime doesn’t always have to be the path chosen for inner city youth.