Chicago Wants Chance The Rapper For Mayor

Chance the Rapper has been giving back to his native Chicago in the best ways, and now fans and Chicagoans are urging him to run for office.

After seeing terrifying and disheartening images of Chicago sprinkled through the news and on television, Chance the Rapper is trying to change that narrative. As one of the most prominent faces of the city that has found itself in peril in the past several years, the 23-year old rapper has taken it upon himself to begin shifting things where it matters most.

Last month, after a frustrating meeting about education with the Governer of Illinois, Bruce Rauner, Chance took the initiative to donate $1 million dollars to the fledgling Chicago Public School system. His donation was met with high praise, and later on, the NBA’s Chicago Bulls matched his donation with their own pledge of $1 million dollars. But money isn’t the only thing Chance has given back to the Windy City. He’s also donated his time by launching art and literature funds, and attended college and career fairs in the city. In his 2015 song, “Somewhere in Paradise” Chance rapped, “They say I’m savin’ my city, say I’m stayin’ for good. They screamin’ #ChanoForMayor I’m thinkin’ maybe I should.”

With all of his work and activism, it appears that Chicagoans want Chance to take the reigns of the city full-time. A website has recently popped up drawing support for Chance as the next Mayor. The site reads, “We know you don’t think of yourself as a politician, and we respect that. But this election is an opportunity for Chicago that we don’t want to miss.”

The next mayoral election in Chicago is set for February 26, 2019. Many Chicagoans have become increasingly frustrated with current Mayor Rahm Emanuel who seems severely out of touch with the Black community, working class neighborhoods and the education system.

Though we doubt Chance will leave behind his career in music for politics, it’s definitely a nice thought. After all, Drake has already offered his endorsement.