Chicago Teen Shot After School Sends Him Home


A Chicago teenager was killed Wednesday morning after he was turned away from his high school because he was not wearing the bow tie that was part of his uniform.

The unidentified 18-year-old and another male student was sent home from Excel Academy of South Shore. At about 10:30 a.m., the second student’s mother, Liz Doss came to pick them up and when they got about two from the school, shots rang out as they walked. The victim was hit in the abdomen and taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead, according to WLS-TV.

“It’s getting senseless out here, that could have been my son, that could’ve been me, that could’ve been my aunty, that could’ve been me, that could’ve been anybody, Doss told WFLD-TV.

The three turned to run, but the victim collapsed in front of a post office. Doss tried to keep him alive by putting pressure on his stomach, she said, but it was not enough. Doss and her son suffered no major injuries, other than a tinge in her wrist from falling to the ground.

Police say the shots came from a black car. They have no suspects in the shooting and it is unclear if the teen was the intended target.

The tragic situation left Doss despondent about the city of Chicago and the killings that have taken place. “I love this city that I live in, but it’s time to go,” she said. “The violence ain’t getting no better.”