Chicago State University Sends Layoff Notices

An ongoing budget impasse has caused state funding for Illinois to be cut and as a result, Chicago State University has announced that all 900 employees, including the university president, will receive layoff notices.

President Thomas Calhoun Jr. said the university has reached a point where it cannot continue to function. As a result, layoff notices have been sent to all faculty, staff and administrators.

“We have the legal responsibility to communicate to our employees that, should our safehouse fail to fund us, and put us in a position where we have to be compromised, we would need to have the flexibility and the legal position such that a reduction in force could take place,” said Calhoun Jr.

Chicago State, along with eight other public universities in the state, have not received any state funding for the past eight months thanks to Gov. Bruce Rauner and Illinois lawmakers’ inability to agree on a budget for the current fiscal year.

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