6 Cops Probed in CPD Scandal

Chicago police have launched an internal investigation into allegations that six members of its force lied in a court testimony, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The inquiry, confirmed by a spokesman for the department, comes in response to the paper’s investigation that documented more than a dozen examples in which judges concluded officers gave false or questionable testimony in court over the past few years.

The Cook County state’s attorney’s office has filed a disclosure notice in reference to Officer Jorge Martinez. His testimony in a narcotics case led to the throwing out of the seizure of a $50,000 brick of cocaine, resulting in the release of two suspects. Martinez was found to have testified falsely by prosecutors.

Prosecutors are reviewing other cases uncovered by the Tribune’s report. Disclosure notices are being provided to criminal defense lawyers. They are meant to alert them to when a potential trial witness has been found to have given false or questionable testimony.

Internal investigators will review transcripts and conduct interviews to determine if any of the six officers testified falsely. The officers, who will remain on duty, could be stripped of their powers.

In addition to Martinez, Officers James Lynch, Wahbe Askar, Steven Carroll, Garland Coleman and George Karuntzos are all under investigation.

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