Chicago Mayor Says No To “Chiraq” Film Title

Spike Lee’s art and mission is no stranger to ruffling a few feathers. Since we know this, it’s no surprise that he’s in the midst of a little controversy.

His latest venture has him in the hot seat with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and a group of aldermen who expressed their unhappiness about Spike tentatively stamping his next film project, Chiraq.

The Chicago Tribune reports that the New York filmmaker and Mayor Emanuel had a one-on-one discussion Wednesday to talk about the city’s displeasure in using such a tainted title for the film, which will focus on the violence epidemic impounding the city’s streets.

In an address to City Hall, Emanuel stated that he and Spike had a “frank and honest” discussion where it was explained that the movie is about Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood – an area often highlighted and referenced on the news and rap music for its danger zones and gang-related activities.

On the contrary, the Mayor made sure to note that there are also good people raising their families in the south side neighborhood and leading a positive life.

Watch his address below:

When Spike announced the development of the film, eyebrows raised questioning the term “Chiraq.”

It’s a terminology that many activists have tried to disassociate with marketing resources that showcase T-shirts crossing out the “raq” in Chiraq and replacing it with “town.”

As for an agreement on the title change? No confirmation on that.

Is the needed to get the message across about the plight of violence and what’s happening in Chicago and around the world?