Chicago Bar Owner Claims “Too Many Black People”?

Credit: Thinkstock


We at hate to hear about stories like the one we are about to share.  It started this weekend, on Feb. 22 when a blues performer, Brandon Bailey, wrote up a detailed post about a negative experience he and his Reprieve Blues bandmates had at a Chicago bar called McNally’s, located on the city’s South Side.

Bailey writes that he was excited to book a gig that you can read about on the band’s Facebook page HERE, but after attracting a multicultural crowd that was moving and grooving to the beat, he claims he got a nasty surprise from the establishment’s owner whom he identifies as a Chicago police officer. Bailey writes:

People of all social, economic and racial classes were shoulder-to-shoulder enjoying a cold cocktail and live music. Just after midnight we finished our second of three sets. It was during this break that I was informed that we would be packing up and going home. The owner, who was visibly inebriated at the bar, explained that he was shutting down our performance because there were “too many black people” in the bar. He handed over our compensation and made it clear that he was shutting it down.

Say what?  “Too many black people”?

Clearly Bailey’s call-out for the condemnation of these acts is making a mark.  Already, there are a few notations on McNally’s Yelp! page decrying the alleged incident.  Read the full account from Bailey’s perspective HERE. reached out to McNally’s for comment, but a woman who answered the phone at the establishment said that she wasn’t there and therefore couldn’t comment.  We left a message for the owner and will update the story if we hear back from him.