Cheers! Heineken’s “Worlds Apart” Commercial Hits the Mark Pepsi Missed

Sometimes, when done right, a commercial makes you think. Because we’re living in such a divisive political climate, brands are using that as the backdrop for their commercials. Some have failed (Pepsi), but others may be heading in the right direction.

Heineken’s new advertisement, “Worlds Apart,” which was created by a London publicist, features several people from different backgrounds with beliefs that couldn’t be further apart. The ad centers on an experiment where these strangers come together to build a bar while they talk about themselves. The pairings consist of a transphobic patriot and a transgender former soldier; a climate change denier and an environmentalist; and a feminist and a misogynistic member of “the new right.”

Once they finish, Heineken plays them the pre-taped video where they expressed their beliefs. Then Heineken gives them the option of leaving or staying at the bar and talking through their differences while drinking a Heineken. We don’t know what was said in these conversations, but everyone agrees to talk about their differences over a Heineken.

This ad is receiving much praise and getting a positive reaction, unlike Pepsi’s. Of course, people still have their issues with it, saying it takes more for political change than a Heineken (we know). But the ad doesn’t insinuate people who drink Heineken are more “forward thinking” or can’t be transphobic. The ad basically makes the Heineken the sub-plot while political differences are the star.

Check it out, below.