Changes Coming Soon for Ferguson Police

Officials in Ferguson, Missouri, the city where 18-year-old Michael Brown was fatally wounded by former Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson, have reached the blueprint of a deal with the Justice Department that would make changes to the city’s police department.

The outline would head off a civil rights lawsuit alleging years of unconstitutional policing, local and federal officials say.

Completing the deal will require support from several factions of Ferguson’s leadership. They’ll also have to sell residents on the idea of a federal policing monitor and huge expenses for the already struggling financial city.

Some officials believe a local tax increase appears to be unavoidable, which requires voter approval in the state.

Negotiations ensued after a scathing report released by the Justice Department in March described Ferguson police as those who “often stop and arrest people without cause.” The report also found that the “court operates a moneymaking venture, and officers used excessive force almost exclusively against Blacks.”

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