‘Central Park 5’ Member Korey Wise Gives Back

The University of Colorado’s Innocence Project got a boost in its donations after Korey Wise, 42, one of five men known as the “Central Park 5,” donated $190,000 to the project.

The program, which operates out of CU’s law school, is now named the Korey Wise Innocence Project at Colorado Law. Wise’s donation made it possible for the project to hire a full-time director this fall. It also provides financial support for its investigative work.

Wise was just 16 when he was charged, tried and convicted as an adult in the 1989 attack and rape of a white female jogger in Central Park. He spent more than 10 years behind bars before being exonerated in 2002 after another man admitted to the attack.

The convictions of four other men were also overturned. The men settled with the city of New York for $41 million in 2014.

The Innocence Project investigates claims of wrongful convictions. The national nonprofit has chapters throughout the country, and the Colorado chapter was founded in 2001 under the Colorado Lawyers Committee and moved to the CU law school in 2010.

This is believed to be Wise’s first major philanthropic gift.

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