Philando Castile’s Mom Won’t View Tragic Video

Associated Press

The viral clip of Philando Castile’s tragic death has been viewed more than five million times on Facebook. The incident, which depicts a St. Anthony, Minn., police officer’s gun aimed on him and his girlfriend, has sparked national outrage, social anguish and heated race relations discussions.

His mother, Valerie Castile has yet to watch it and even refuses to take a glimpse, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “I want to remember him when I gave him a kiss and he walked out the door. I didn’t want to see him in agony and bleeding like that,” she candidly shared in an interview on Tuesday.

Castile hasn’t come to terms her son’s murder, but she wasn’t surprised that he was racially profiled during a traffic stop. A police audio recently surfaced which includes an officer stating the 32-year-old was a possible robbery suspect because he had a wide-set nose. She mentioned speaking with Philando as a teen about the do’s and don’ts if ever pulled over by a cop.

“I told him to comply. That’s the key word. And I thought my child was safe. Whenever you get stopped by police, you do everything they ask you to do. Don’t give ‘em no lip, don’t talk back. Just say ‘Yes, sir. No, sir,” she recalled telling him.

During the interview, his sister Allysza Castile noted that they both acquired permit to carry firearms in 2015 and were instructed to inform police that they were carrying a gun if being pulled over. Several seconds after the shooting, Philando’s girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds took to Facebook live and explained that Philando had in fact informed the officer that he was armed and held a valid permit.

“I told him not to reach for it! I told him to get his hand open!” Police Officer Jeronimo Yanez yelled as Philando lost consciousness.

Valerie says this is not the first time her son has been racially discriminated against. Police records indicate that Philando has been pulled 52 times and received 86 violations. “The number speak for themselves,” she said.

Atlanta based lawyer and former judge Glenda Hatchett will be representing the family. At a news conference, she said he met with investigators form the state Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Hatchett promised to sue the individuals responsible for Castile’s death and intends on asking Attorney General Loretta Lynch to appoint a special prosecutor to closely examine the shooting.

“I will see you in court,” Hatchett vowed. “Trust and believe me, we will be well-prepared.”

With Castille’s public funeral being held on Thursday at the Cathedral of St. Paul, his mother hopes all mourn peacefully. She says, “I would hope everyone would respect our service and his homecoming. And we do not need any protest. We don’t need anybody up there starting trouble or anything like that.”


Photo: Valerie Castile (left), mother of Philando Castile at a news conference with former judge Glenda Hatchett