Carnival Cruise Adds Cuba to its Itinerary

Carnival has received permission from the U.S. government to head to Cuba. But don’t expect a typical vacation full of relaxation and fun. The trips are exclusively for “social impact travel.”

What exactly does that mean? You can only travel to Cuba on a Carnival cruise if your visit falls under one of the 12 categories set by the Department of the Treasury. Some of those include trips for journalism, religion and education.

While approval hasn’t been granted just yet, Arnold Donald, president and CEO of Carnival Corp. is “looking forward to working with the Cuban authorities to help make the social, cultural and humanitarian exchanges between U.S. citizens and the people of Cuba a reality.”

The new program is in line with the company’s new initiative called Fathom. It allows passengers to visit foreign places for volunteer purposes.

Ships to the caribbean country are expected to set sail beginning in 2016, and prices start at $2,990 per person for seven-day trips.

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