Why You Should Care About Christina Sankey

Credit: Shutterstock

Described as “The death no one cares about,” Christina Sankey’s disappearance almost caught little to no attention until writer Ronnie Polaneczky picked it up, sparking an outcry throughout the Internet.

According to a series of interviews in her April 11th column, city officials could care less about the 37-year-old woman from Philadelphia’s Point Breeze neighborhood who was found dead on March 7.

Sankey, who was severely autistic, was with her Casmir Care Services caretaker Hussanatu “Ayesha” Wulu at Macy’s on March 6 when Wulu loss track of her. She was found dead and topless the next morning between two parked cars in West Philadelphia. Neither her caretaker nor Philadelphia police seem to have any answers to her untimely passing, leaving her mother with nothing but memories and urn full of her ashes.

But, according to Polaneczky’s April 17 column, The Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office has launched a full investigation into Sankey’s disappearance and Wulu has been fired from Casmir Care Services. Patricia Sankey, Christina’s mother, is also in the process of launching a civil suit against the city.

While there have been tangible developments, the fight is far from over. How can we prevent more cases like Christina Sankey? Click here to read Polaneczky’s columns from April 11 and April 17.