Cardi B Speaks Out After Old Videos Spawn #SurvivingCardiB Hashtag

Cardi B Speaks Out After Old Videos Spawn #SurvivingCardiB Hashtag
Cardi B performs on stage during 2018 Global Citizen Festival: Be The Generation in Central Park (Photo credit: lev radin /

Cardi B defended herself Tuesday after Instagram Live video clips of her talking about drugging and robbing men when she worked as a stripper resurfaced over the weekend on social media. Some users revolted and created the hashtag #SurvivingCardiB, referencing Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries in which women shared their alleged abuse and mistreatment at the hands of the R&B singer.

The Bronx native explained, “So I’m seeing on social media that a live I did 3 years ago has popped back up. A live where I talked about things I had to do in my past right or wrong that I felt I needed to do to make a living. I never claim to be perfect or come from a perfect world wit [SIC] a perfect past I always own my sh*t.”

Reflecting on hip-hop and how the culture profits from controversial subjects, she continued, “Im apart of a hip hop culture where you can talk about where you come from talk about the wrong things you had to do to get where you are. There are rappers that glorify murder violence drugs an [SIC] robbing. Crimes they feel they had to do to survive.”

Explaining the difference between her and fellow emcees who boast about their controversial pasts, she said, “I never glorified the things I brought up in that live I never even put those things in my music because I’m not proud of it and feel a responsibility not to glorify it.”

The comments from the rapper came after social media users called for a boycott following the release of the Instagram Live video. Throughout the video, she challenged critics who claimed she was undeserving of success. Cardi admitted to going as far as luring men under the guise of sex and robbing them in an attempt to make ends meet.

Watch the original footage below: