We Can All Agree With This Little Girl When It Comes to Barack Obama

Confused Toddler Wants to Know Where Barack Obama Went Credit: tabgeezy/Instagram

To say former President Barack Obama is missed, would be an understatement. Since Obama has returned to public life and is doing speaking engagements and making public appearances, the missing has only intensified.

One 5-year-old girl, Wee Taylor, who has quite a few years ahead of her before she can vote, has since gone viral thanks to the Instagram videos her mother posted of her asking questions about President Obama and why he had to leave.

“Why do we have another president? Why did he go? Where did he go?” Taylor asks.

The questions aren’t the only things that make the video so adorable, it’s also her voice, hand gestures and facial expressions.

Taylor’s mother explains to her the President can only serve two 4-year terms.

Then the inquisitive little lady asks why Hillary Clinton didn’t win. Her mother says people voted for who they wanted and compares her daughter voting at school for the pizza to the election.

Watch the videos below for all the cuteness! Taylor may have a future career in politics on her hands.

Part 2 😂

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