Campaign to stop ‘Chiraq’ Intensifies

Spike Lee has ruffled more than a few feathers with his film, Chiraq. The movie, slated to be released in 2016, is a musical comedy-drama set in Chicago. The film’s plot centers around black-on-black murder prevalent in neighborhoods on the city’s South Side.

Lee garnered a wave of criticism about the film, particularly his use of the term “Chiraq.” Critics argued that the term is disrespectful to respectable citizens of Chicago, and further promotes the negative stereotypes that are associated with the city due to its struggles with crime and gun violence.

Lee’s met with the mayor of Chicago, concerned citizens, protesters, activists and the like, but he’s still going to move forward with the film.

In fact, the campaign to pressure Lee to drop the name “Chiraq” from his film has been so intense to the point where 17th Ward Ald. David Ward refused to grant a city permit required to close the street for Saturday’s annual summer block party outside St. Sabina’s Church because it is co-sponsored by Spike Lee and Chiraq’s cast.

That’s cray.

Well now, those in opposition of Chiraq have created a kickstarter in hopes of being able to produce their own film about what it’s really like to live on the South Side to counter Spike Lee’s movie.

According to the campaign page, A Dream Dispersed will take a look at the “efforts of community groups as they work with youth to stem the violence in Chicago’s inner city neighborhoods.”

So far, the kickstarter has raised $1,615 of its $35,000 goal.

Click here to learn more about the campaign.