Campaign Seeks to Dispel Myths of Black Fathers

The Campaign for Black Male Achievement (CBMA) organization collaborated with renown photographer Zun Lee to highlight the role of black fathers and shift the common misperception these fathers receive from negative stereotypes in America. Lee is known for his work in documenting Black love and family life.

CBMA is an organization catered to the growth and sustainability of black males in the areas of economics, education, politics and society in America. This campaign is mainly curated via social media and is inviting people to share personal photos of them and their fathers to Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #BlackMaleReimagined.

Here are some photos of Black fathers accompanied by statistical descriptions that help to paint Black fathers in a brighter light:

Photo credit: Zun Lee

1. Black dads are more involved with their kids on a daily basis than dads from other racial groups.

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