C-SPAN Caller Refers to Obama Using Racial Slur

“This is about race and Republicans hate that (insert n-word) Obama.”

Say What!

Yes, this was the line spewed on live television this morning during C-SPAN’s Washington Journal.

Despite the fact that Republicans managed a victory, Tuesday night and now control a majority of the Senate, Anthony from San Diego, a self-proclaimed Republican felt the need to release racial remarks…live…on air …against the President of the United States.

The President of the United States, people. The disrespect for this man or any president is just too much.

Clearly, the win wasn’t enough for Anthony. It’s crazy how people can waste so much energy on their dislikes and then feel an urge to spread their verbal toxic across the world.

Fortunately, C-SPAN’S host, Steve Scully cut the mic on the caller, telling him “you cross the line when you use language like that.” Scully apologized to viewers and listeners on-air, immediately following the exchange.

Freedom of speech is being taken to a whole other level and it’s disgusting.

Here’s the scenario: