Bus Tour Celebrates March On Washington

Every year, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s  “I Have A Dream” speech is remembered by a commemorative reenactment of the Aug. 28, 1963 March on Washington at the nation’s capital.

But this year, in light of the turmoil surrounding the Trayvon Martin case and nationwide violence, MLK’s speech is taking on a whole new meaning and bringing about all new action.

This time around, in the week leading up to the march’s 50th anniversary, four buses full of activists, athletes and clergy members will embark on a five-day journey across the nation in the “Lifelines to Healing Tour.”

The tour, which is spearheaded by PICO National Network’s “Lifelines to Healing” Campaign, will stop in a total of 15 cities to uplift communities and spread awareness about the differences between Dr. King’s dream and the sad, unjust reality people of color face today.

Find out when the “Lifelines Healing Tour” is stopping through your city below.  And check out how you can get involved with the tour by visiting

Northeastern Route

Southeastern Route

California Route

Midwest Route (events only)

Boston (8/20)
Hartford/Newtown (8/20)
NYC (8/21)
Philadelphia (8/22)
Camden (8/22)
Baltimore (8/23)
DC (8/23)
Miami (8/20)
Orlando/Sanford (8/20)
Tallahassee (8/21)
Atlanta (8/21)
Durham (8/22)
DC (8/23)
Oakland (8/20)
Chowchilla (8/21)
Fresno (8/24)
Los Angeles (8/24)
Denver (8/18)
Kansas City (8/19)
Indianapolis (8/20)
Cincinnati (8/21)
Columbus (8/22)


You can also follow the tour and join the conversation here: