Burger with a Side of Racism, No Thank You!

Liryca Branch, a 33-year-old Black woman, was eating lunch with three coworkers, also Black at Huck Finn’s Café in New Orleans.

Nothing out of the norm, there, right?

Only an issue ensued when Branch received the bill and saw the word ‘N—–‘ splattered in capital letters across her check in between her food items.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 10.07.00 AM

Head bow. The level of blatant disrespect and racism is enough to make anyone want to react physically. But there’s a way to handle such situations.

After swallowing shock and anger, Branch asked to speak to the manager to which she was then told that the racist receipt “was part of a joke employees play on black employees who work “in the back” of the restaurant,” Gaynielle Neville, Branch’s mother stated in a Facebook post displaying the receipt.

Excuse me! Who’s laughing here? Are the customers, you, me? No.

“It’s 2015. You would think that we wouldn’t have to deal with this stuff right now. It just shows that racism is alive and well,” Branch told the Daily News.

By now, it should be known that racism being non-existent is a myth. It’s frustrating and disgusting the lengths people will endure to spew hate.

Huck Finn’s Café has since released an apology and fired the employee responsible for the racial slur.

Clearly, we can’t stop racism but we can continue to raise awareness when incidents like this happen.

Final thought: Did Liryca still spend that $48.29 to pay for her meal? Would you?