Brooklyn Teens Arrested on Gang Rape Charges


Police in New York City are piecing together the circumstances surrounding the gang rape of an 18-year-old at a Brooklyn playground involving five teenagers.

Officials say the youths; two 17-year-olds,  two 15-year-olds, and a 14-year-old were arrested in connection with the attack last Thursday. Two were arrested after a police search and two others were brought in to authorities by their mothers, the New York Daily News reports.

Authorities said the woman was accosted just after 9 p.m. Thursday as she and her father walked in the Brownsville section of Brooklyn.

Police said there were five suspects, and one pointed a gun at the father and told him to leave. Each man raped the woman, police said. The father returned with two police officers, but the attackers fled, according to the Associated Press. The woman was treated at a nearby hospital and released.

“A patrol car from the 73rd Precinct was approached on the street and told about the attack by the victim’s father, who directed the officers to the scene,” police spokesman Stephen Davis said.

“The police officers immediately responded and located the victim,” Davis said. “The suspects had already fled.”

In custody, however, the suspects say they were having consensual sex with the woman — and told cops that she was having intercourse with her father when they arrived at the playground. Police told the Daily News the case was “complicated” saying that the father and daughter appeared to be heavily intoxicated.

“There is very little question her injuries (are consistent) with a significant assault,” a police source told the Daily News, adding that she had “significant injuries.”

“I am disgusted and deeply saddened by the horrific attack,” New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement released Sunday.

He added, “Every New Yorker in every neighborhood deserves to feel safe and protected, and we will not stop until the perpetrators of this disturbing attack are held accountable for their actions.”

Arraignment of the suspects was still pending on Tuesday.