Brooklyn D.A. Fined For ‘Work-Related’ Meals

Credit: Thinkstock

Brooklyn’s Conflict of Interest Board announced that the city’s top law enforcement official is ordered to pay a $15,000 fine for illegally forcing taxpayers to pick up the tab for his daily meals.

The Board revealed that for more than a year, Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson got the city to reimburse him for his meals during weekdays, nights and weekends.

In addition, he occasionally had his personal security detail pay for his meals out of pocket, and then entered them in for reimbursement.

The 50-year-old admitted that what he did violated the city’s conflict rules and settled with the charges, agreeing to pay a $15,000 fine.

A four-page document concluded that from January 2014 to February 2015, Thompson’s office paid a total of $1,489 for work-related meals and employees spent up to $1,992 of their own cash.

Thompson claimed he understood this to be a normal office procedure. However, that stopped when his staff told him that his actions could potentially violate the New York City policy.

In August 2015, he reimbursed the office for the weekend and night meals.

“I accept complete responsibility for this violation and regret it occurred. As Brooklyn District Attorney, I am committed to maintaining the integrity of my office. I will continue to work hard to keep the people of Brooklyn safe and earn their confidence by making the criminal justice system far and equal for all,” Thompson said in a statement.

He insisted that the reimbursements only happened during the early part of his term in office because he was mainly focused on organizing the King’s County District Attorney Office when new policies where being implemented.

The board, who acknowledged that Thompson had paid back all taxpayer-funded lunches and dinners, also took his high position into accountability in determining his fine.