Mother of 3 Gunned Down While Protecting Kids

A Bronx mother lost her life as she desperately sought to shield her three young children from gunfire over the weekend.

29-year-old Jessica White was with her three young children at a park near their apartment building Saturday night when a barrage of bullets rang out Saturday night.

Her mother, Gola White, told the New York Daily News that the shooting took place at the John Adams Houses in Longwood around 10:15 p.m. White, who watched the deadly scene unfold before her very eyes, says her daughter jumped up and took a bullet right below her heart.

Gola White says she was sitting on a park bench next to her daughter inside the public housing complex on Westchester Ave. The gunman suddenly appeared and opened fire. He was believed to be targeting a group of men sitting nearby in the playground, she said.

“I believe that the bullets were for them, but bullets don’t have no name, bullets don’t have no direction, so of course when my daughter stood up she got hit, under her heart. And she’s gone,” said White.

Investigators believe the violence stemmed from a gang beef. No one is in custody.