‘The Briefcase’ Preys on Economic Struggle

Has Reality TV taken its “creative content” too far?

A new series has emerged on the CBS network and it has an alarming concept.

The Briefcase follows struggling American families who are given a $101,000. However, the money comes with responsibility and a challenge.

The families can either keep all of the money, keep a percentage of it, or give it all away to another family facing financial adversities. The first episode aired last Wednesday and fumes began to circulate the Interwebs in both awe and disgust.

A few reactions can be read below and even more here.

The tone and motive of the show comes off as an attack on character, morality, and humanity. In addition, with disagreeing perspectives, the spontaneous responsibility placed on the families can cause turmoil or strain within the relationship.

Pitting struggle against struggle is cruel. No matter how much is revealed during a 43-minute television show, no one but the parties involved will know the depths of their hardships.

What are your thoughts on The Briefcase?