Breaking: Organizers Disrupt Clinton Event

Moments ago, organizers affiliated with GetEQUAL and Black Lives Matter disrupted Hillary Clinton’s grassroots campaign event in Cleveland, Ohio, demanding that she invest in the liberation of Black transgender women.

Clinton’s speech was interrupted when activists shouted the names of three Black trans women who were recently murdered in the state.

The organizers encouraged Clinton to divest from private prisons, and invest in establishing fair and equal treatment for trans women of color.

“Hillary: Divest from Private Prisons, Invest in Black Trans Women,” the signs read.

According to a press release sent to JET, the action was part of a series of demonstrations happening this week across the country celebrating Black transgender women and demanding accountability for the violence that Black transgender women face on a daily basis.

“Hillary Clinton must stand with Black people, especially Black trans women, by refusing to accept funds from or bundles by executives of or lobbyists for private prison companies — and investing the money she’s already accepted from those companies in the work toward Black trans liberation,” activist and GetEQUAL state lead Rian Brown stated. “The actions that took place across the country on Tuesday were a call for cisgender Black folks to show up for Black trans people; we’re here to demand that Clinton divest from private prisons in solidarity with our Black trans family.”

You can keep up with the movement for Black trans female liberation on social media via the #BlackTransLivesMatter hashtag.