Boy Attacked with Urine Balloon

By//Andrea Watson

Okay, weird things happen everyday, but this Washington Post story is beyond bizarre. Apparently a 12-year-old Virginia boy and a sibling were trying to make a few extra dollars this summer by selling lemonade, when an unidentified person approached the stand and threw a balloon filled with urine at the boy. Yes! This actually happened.

According to a search warrant that was filed in Fairfax County, it’s being investigated as a possible hate crime.

Besides getting drenched in urine, the strangest part of this, um, incident is the person was dressed in a full-body leotard. The design displayed the internal human anatomy. Yeah, we’re still a good three months away from Halloween.

After returning to his apartment building, which was right next to the lemonade stand, a male voice yelled “Go back to Africa you [expletives]! It was only piss,” the Washington Post says the boy said.

From what the building manager says, it doesn’t sound like this person should be living alone. He had been seen wearing the same leotard a few other times and he had thrown balloons into the courtyard before. The crazies really come out in the summer months.