Boston Monument Honors Trayvon Martin

In an effort to make sure that Trayvon Martin is never forgotten, one associate professor at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design has created a monument in Boston’s Jamaica Plain neighborhood.

Matthew Hincman, a guerrilla artist, added the small monument onto the top of a lamp post at the corner of Eliot and Center streets in Jamaica Plain’s Monument Square. An image of a hoodie is accompanied by the words “Still 2014.”

“Some may see the hoodie sweatshirt as a symbol. I don’t really want the work to be didactic,” Hincman told WBUR.

Hincman created the street art to honor Trayvon as well as “a couple dozen men from Boston’s West Roxbury neighborhood who died during the Civil War,” The Root reports.

Despite its size, Hincman hopes that the monument will stand as a universal symbol as he pays homage to America’s race relations.

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