Body of Tamir Rice Cremated

The body of a 12-year-old Black Ohio boy killed by police as he played in a park near his home has been cremated.

Tamir Rice was fatally wounded by Cleveland Police Officer Timothy Loehmann nearly six months ago . His family has been waiting for the investigation to close. They were told that a second medical examination of his body may be needed, so they opted not to bury him.

But after suffering months of emotional trauma, Tamir’s mother, Samaria Rice, made the difficult decision to cremate her son.

Rice was being charged $75 a day for the housing of Tamir’s body. The stress from the slow dragging of investigators regarding the case caused her to move into a shelter. Rice family attorney Walter Madison issued the following staement to the Daily Kos

Samaria is a mother first. Whether or in life or death, her instinct is to care for her child.Due to an unfortunate turn of events she was faced with the unspeakable decision to finally put her son to final rest or endure this legal morass and its hardness.

After the tremendous amount of support from around the world, Samaria made the grief stricken decision to be a mother. Tamir Rice was cremated.

While Samaria can rest peacefully knowing that her son’s cold body is no longer stuck in a freezer, this isn’t justice or peace.