Body Found Believed to be Teleka Patrick

Credit: Shutterstock

A body pulled from Lake Charles earlier this morning is believed to be missing Kalamazoo Dr. Teleka Patrick.

According to Indiana State Police Sgt. Rick Strong, the body pulled from the Indiana lake at 7:10 a.m. is in fact a woman, but the authorities are waiting until an autopsy is completed to make any confirmations.

“It’s what we told (Patrick’s) family out of courtesy, is it possible,” Strong told “That’s why we called them. But until we do the autopsy, we can’t say it’s her.”

The autopsy is scheduled for later this week. However, Strong said it’s a possibility the body belongs to Patrick. Patrick went missing 18 weeks ago after driving her car in a ditch. Authorities believe Patrick may have suffered a mental breakdown after working a shift at Kalamazoo’s Borgess Medical Center and was on the way to seek solitude at a relative’s house in Chicago when her car ran off the road.

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