Black Women Lead in Business Statistics

The BOSS Network founder Cameka Smith shares tips for successful networking.
Credit: Thinkstock

It’s true: Black girls rock!

From medicine and education to arts and politics, women are taking charge of their careers and running their own businesses. In fact, Black women are becoming entrepreneurs six times faster than the national average, reported The Grio.


According to a study from the Center for American Progress, The State of Women of Color in the United States, Black women lead the pack, owning about half of all African-American-owned businesses and 42 percent of businesses owned by women of color.

“Businesses owned by African-American women have doubled their sales over the past decade and just this year have grossed revenues estimated to be around $45 billion,” the report stated. “These successes have benefited not just African-American women and their families but also their communities and the U.S. economy as a whole.”

These significant strides aren’t too surprising though. The fabulous ladies featured in our BOSS Up series highlight the movers, shakers and rule-breakers all across the nation.

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