Black Republican: Trump Drops Ball on Black Outreach


Sean P. Jackson, head of the Black Republican Caucus of Florida, says that although GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump does genuinely care about reaching out to African-Americans, his campaign has purposely shied away.

“Mr. Trump really does have a sincere, passionate interest in Black outreach, but his campaign staff has dropped the ball. That all starts with Karen Giorno. She has repeatedly failed at embracing Blacks across the states,” Jackson told Miami New Times.

He says Karen Giorno, Trump’s Florida campaign manager, has declined his advice.

Jackson’s criticism follows an incident where Giorno refused to let Jackson backstage at a recent Florida campaign rally. He said she told him that Trump didn’t need any Black voters.

“The crazy part about it is that the Secret Service had already cleared me to be back there, and yet she made a scene and claimed that she didn’t know who I was,” said Jackson.

However Jackson says Trump’s disconnect with the Black community runs deeper than a minor mishap with Giorno. He says he was willing to help Trump avoid the same mistakes Mitt Romney made in 2012, one of them being that Romney reached out to Black voters too late. He also believes that African-Americans are ready to leave the Democratic Party but need a sufficient outreach effort.

“I’ve been saying repeatedly that you cannot go into a Black community in the ninth hour of a campaign and ask them to vote for a GOP candidate. The Party has done a…poor job of courting the Black vote over 50 years. So you have to have more vested interest in time and in your financial effort for the whole campaign, not just in the last 100 days,” Jackson said.

Despite the political turmoil, Jackson says he still believes in Trump’s campaign and working tirelessly to get him elected in November. He wants Trump to rebuild the military and change the economy for the better.